How to Custom Design Wordmarks

This week in Corporate Communications we are going to focus on on original wordmark design. In order to explain the process I use, I am showing some examples of my own work and some of the inspiration resources I use. Later this week I posted the entire process in the "Classroom" section of this blog. Below are some examples of my custom wordmark work:

Personal identity for collegue Richard Ybarra

Picture 18

Shag Baby: identity for clothing line

  Picture 11

Preliminary Design for Creative Posse

Picture 12

For more of my lettering work click here.


And now some of the images I photographed for inspiration while in New Orleans. New Orleans is one of few older cities that have made efforts to preserve their buildings and architectural heritage, including the wonderful signage. So for two years I have going there to photograph the signs of New Orleans.

Here is an example of the type of images I shoot for reference. To see more Download Images_no.



Picture 7










One thought on “How to Custom Design Wordmarks

  1. Maria says:

    i cannot wait to see where all his pretoy takes us! i am over the moon happy we are finally getting started. this is one of my favorites. and i love how very different our photos are. a big thank you to dan for being our muse! happy thursday wishes.xo

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