22 thoughts on “Corporate Communications Class – please post comment here.

  1. Chet Brown says:

    I looked over the Colt redesign.
    Overall I’d say it is an amazing improvement over the original mark. Not only is the logo much better than the current one used by Colt, but she made the collateral very convincing and well thought out. She took the logo of a dying brand and redefined it into a lifestyle brand for today’s needs. The horse’s jaw looks a bit awkward, but that is my only major complaint.
    I’d also love to see some of the products from a different angle so that the copy is more legible.
    One thing I find interesting was that many of the sketches shown are really unusable, and yet she ended with such a great end product.
    Excellent work overall.

  2. Shane Miller says:

    The process Bruno Zalum uses on redesigning the logo for MEA is very interesting. The use of type in the designs located on the top row are nice. I can see that’s where the development began. I think the redesign is very pleasing, and the transition of the tree into an icon was a good choice.

  3. Adrian Garcia says:

    I looked at all the logo redesigns and the most impressive by far was the colt logo. The new mark is a huge improvement from the original logo. The mark looked cleaner and elegant. It embodied everything that the brand is about. I can definitely see this working for a comeback campaign for the old company. I also looked at the ways that the student applied it in real life. The book had a great feel and the way the student put it on a billboard and bottles looked very realistic. Overall great job!

  4. Mike McCanna says:

    The process for the bagaboo logo was lacking. There was an overwhelmingly negative response as a result of viewers not understanding. I get the logo and i think it fits very well (with a few minor adjustments) but overall i’m not impressed by the writeup.
    Also have no idea how he got from the first ideas to the final.

  5. Jason J. Brindis says:

    I too will note the success of the Colt redesign. The Colt redesign was the most cohesive in reference to pairing of the mark and typography. I can clearly see the demographic she is rebranding Colt to. Although the other two logo’s were redesigned for the better, they just seemed to be lacking the essence of identity in which the Colt redesign succeeded in.
    technical critique on Colt…
    the alignment of the horse mark in reference to the C and O fits well, negative space leads the eye smoothly and has subtle suggestions of a rearing horses appendages-
    the Black Letter type treatment was refined nicely to compliment the desired demographic as well as the new mark’s composition-
    the stationary package is cohesive with the new targeted persona of Colt-

  6. Coleen McLemore says:

    I thought the best redesign of the three was the Colt project. The custom typography is well balanced, clean and appropriate for the brand. I think that the way the colt was redrawn was beautifully executed, simplifying the image while keeping it interesting and in line with the style of the accompanying typography. Overall, the mark is graceful, modern, and speaks to the image that Colt brand is wanting to communicate.
    I also really appreciated seeing both the process work as well as the stationary and marketing collateral. The designer clearly did her research and explored several different options which is often necessary to creating a really good mark. The value of that process work is again apparent in seeing how the brand can work on additional projects such as her packaging items. Very successful project.

  7. Chet Brown says:

    For the Manishewitz logo redesign:
    The new mark didn’t sell me instantly. I understand and agree with being more obvious about the Hebrew origins of the company, though I’m not entirely sure that it’s a good idea. As some commented, the brand is already very widely recognized in the Jewish community, and few people are open to buying specifically Jewish products if they are not already familiar with the culture.
    However, the copywriting pushed this redesign to a much better position for me. The clever and kitschy copy definitely made it clear how this new line could appeal to college students.
    I like the retro approach taken to the collateral and packaging, however it seems that many of the side products were rushed and I don’t really see the relevance in having a guitar with the brand.
    Overall, I’d say it was a nice redesign, though it could use some refining.

  8. James Kelso says:

    Regarding Manishewitz logo. This logo with the star on the end of it is kind of uncomfortable to look at. Its also pretty boring. The part about “but for jews”, wtf? I thought anyone could eat this stuff. Narrowed market. I liked the design with the ribbon in the process work. Something much better could have been made of out that one.

  9. Shane Miller says:

    For Manishewitz logo redesign:
    Her reason for redesigning the logo was limited to the specs of the assignment. I would like to know the significance of the colors chosen, and even though it is recognizable, the meaning of the placement of the Star of David. her process work was very in depth. I enjoyed a couple of her other designs as well as the chosen design. I think her tag line, “Its___, but for Jews” is very comical. However, I think it could be easily be interpreted as offensive by Jews and non Jews for the fact that the statement is very segregating. I think that the final product does relate to the intended audience, especially on the logo placed on the bum of some underpants 🙂

  10. Coleen McLemore says:

    Manischewitz Logo Redesign
    The designer gave a very brief explanation of her reason for the redesign of this logo. Although I am familiar with the brand, I would have like to have seen a greater understanding of the company’s current market position and if/how her approach would retain their current customers while attracting new ones.
    It looked like she did quite a bit of process work, exploring different directions, and out of all of the sketches, I like the idea she had for incorporating the Star of David the most (the one she pursued). I think that the image combined with her color choices shows both the tradition of the company and her intention to make it attractive to a younger generation at the same time. In my opinion, the kearning on the typography may have been a little too tight and the curve of the banner seemed a little off, but the idea is simple and solid and works for her intents.
    I do think her approach with copy is humorous and aptly suited to her target market, but I would do a lot of research before actually putting this product on the market to really understand if the humor is perceived as offensive, by whom, and to what degree. My initial reaction is that it’s risky.
    I thought the application of the logo on products needed to be pushed further. Maybe adding a texture for depth, illustration or photography to make it a little more interesting would be a good place to start. Overall, her direction is right on and is almost there.

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