Campus CEO

A Few Student Success Stories


Blake Jensen and Chase Fischer CEOs of Blenders Eyewear recently guest starred
on National TV – West Texas Investors Club

Students must learn a variety of business skills necessary to start-up and run a business; as well as branding and brand management techniques.

Blenders Eyewear

Blake Jensen (“Ace of Shades”) former AI student and his business partner Chase Fischer started Blender’s Eyewear just over 4 years ago. And just recently they were guest stars on West Texas Investors Club a show about investors looking to invest in startups. “They guest starred on West Texas Investors Club in just 4 years … Continue reading Blenders Eyewear

Crossing Palettes

The Making of Crossing Palettes – a cross-disciplined team based CAPSTONE PROJECT If you can look past a bit of camera shake and “creative editing”, this student-made documentary of the cross discipline event is insightful and entertaining. This cross discipline team based class ran for four years for a total of 24 student showcases. Interior … Continue reading Crossing Palettes

Sweet Bricks

This story is an amazing example of why persistence is so important when launching and building a start-up. When Jen Perez (center below) was a student at the Art Institute of California – San Diego, she had a little family secret: a great recipe on how to make great toffee. Jen was in a design … Continue reading Sweet Bricks