Team Projects

Educational Non – Profit

Educaid Box a Non Profit Start-up to Raise Funding for School Supplies The concept is a non-profit that sells educational supply boxes to help under privileged students K-12 by providing a way for people to purchase and donate much needed schools supplies. Objective: Students are tasked with coming up with an idea for a product to … Continue reading Educational Non – Profit

Educational Toy and Game

In this team based class students must create an idea for a marketable product that they name, brand, produce, market and distribute online. Concept: Jumbaloo is an interactive toy and online game to educate and inspire children to learn about forest animals and to use their imagination to create a customized stuffed toy. Deliverables Include: … Continue reading Educational Toy and Game

Product Development

Pro Grom – Balance Board Project Objective: To practice design entrepreneurship by inventing a product to bring to market. Designers: Francesca Zanuso, Jared Gross, and Wes Mahoney Instructor: Lindsey Baker Process: Students team up to brainstorm a product that they will actually make and market. They were required to develop a budget, determine costs, build … Continue reading Product Development

Retail Design – Restaurant Concepts

Class Design Team 2 – Design Thinking, Business Practices, Studio Management, Branding, Environmental Design, Collateral Design, Proposal and Client Billing. Funiki Sushi Bar and Restaurant Design Objective: Create a restaurant concept that will appeal to a target demographic. Demonstrate the brand benefit and differentiating factors that make it unique and marketable. Inspiration, Research and Mood … Continue reading Retail Design – Restaurant Concepts