Teaching Philosophy


Focus is placed on team-based, entrepreneurial projects that help students develop business savvy and design thinking skills. Skills that are essential for emerging creative professionals.

team image

Visual Designers must graduate with effective visual design communications skills  as well as, business savvy and technology literacy. Today many creative firms sell products as well as services. In addition it is not unusual for creative professionals to run side projects, creating mobile products for example and successfully launching brands. In addition branding firms now more than ever are creating private label products they curate or create and market. Therefore employers see students who are able to start their own projects and sell their own products as more employable.

Creative firms today are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit.

Due to the rapid expansion in technology well-trained creative professionals have more choices in the job market, but also face new challenges. These activities require new skills. In addition to design thinking and problem solving skills, the most current proficiency in web technologies and social media practices; knowledge of business principles, licensing and copyright laws are essential to success. Team-based projects where students play multiple rolls and leverage their team-mates skills with their own; builds collaboration skills and teaches students the value of teamwork and how to leverage a team.

Creative professionals have more choices in the job market, but also face new challenges. The ability to work well on teams is essential to success.

In addition to understanding and being able to apply design principles and problem solving skills to a vast array of media, students today also need to be well-trained in: E commerce, Social Media Marketing, Licensing, Copyright Laws and Entrepreneurship. Learning these skills requires practical application, a trial and error process that can only be experienced by actually participating in these activities in class.

Students must leverage both right and left brain skills and apply this DESIGN THINKING process to their work in order to compete in today’s market.

I have dedicated my teaching career researching and developing coursework and strategies to successfully teach these skills. I wish to use this website to share what I have learned., as well as to show examples of student work which illustrates these principles that have been adopted and applied to solving design problems.



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