Retail Design – Restaurant Concepts

Class Design Team 2 – Design Thinking, Business Practices, Studio Management,
Branding, Environmental Design, Collateral Design, Proposal and Client Billing.

Funiki Sushi Bar and Restaurant

Design Objective: Create a restaurant concept that will appeal to a target demographic. Demonstrate the brand benefit and differentiating factors that make it unique and marketable.

Inspiration, Research and Mood boards

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Scenario: Two chefs have a concept for opening a contemporary, non-traditional sushi restaurant and bar lounge. They need an execution of their restaurant concept to present to investor. This team of designers Aaron Fields-Cypress and Xamantha Malaca have been hired to complete the work for the client.


Concept: Contemporary Asian art  and traditional sushi cuisine will attract a sophisticated 30-something crowd with disposable income for dates and socializing. Upstairs a contemporary Asian disco for the after-ten crowd.

funiki exterior

Collateral Materials include: packaging, table tents, signage, menu and promotional tees.

Estimated costs

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Educational Toy and Game

In this team based class students must create an idea for a marketable product that they name, brand, produce, market and distribute online.

Concept: Jumbaloo is an interactive toy and online game to educate and inspire children to learn about forest animals and to use their imagination to create a customized stuffed toy.

Deliverables Include: Product, Business Plan, Brand Identity, E commerce site and marketing plan.

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Product Development

Pro Grom – Balance Board Project

Objective: To practice design entrepreneurship by inventing a product to bring to market.

Designers: Francesca Zanuso, Jared Gross, and Wes Mahoney
Instructor: Lindsey Baker

Process: Students team up to brainstorm a product that they will actually make and market. They were required to develop a budget, determine costs, build it, test it, name it and market it.

Project Concept: Develop and design a balancing board for kids to learn board sports. The name Progrom is derived from the word “Grom” . This is a skateboarder’s slang term for a young person who wishes to learn balancing skills and their desire to go pro. Wes brought his 18 month old son to the presentation to test the product for the audience.

Educational Non – Profit

Educaid Box a Non Profit Start-up to Raise Funding for School Supplies

The concept is a non-profit that sells educational supply boxes to help under privileged students K-12 by providing a way for people to purchase and donate much needed schools supplies.

Students are tasked with coming up with an idea for a product to manufacture, distribute and market online.
This project requires design thinking skills, teamwork, and project management skills as well as the ability to write a business model that is viable in today’s marketplace.

homepage screenshot


identity standards

Brand Identity Standards


Personas of Target Audience


Packaging Prototype

educaid-box image

Internal Package

brainstorm process

Brainstorming Process


Shopping Cart Page

product page

Product details page


Billing Info. Page

“A non-profit organization made up of three creative thinkers trying to make a difference.”

Executive Summary:
Lack of school funding in low income families equal a negative impact on a child’s opportunity to learn. Forty percent of low-income district schools don’t get a fair share of state and local funds. EDUCAID Box wants to help the future generations get the education they need and deserve.” Below is a video of their presentation at the end of the quarter.”

Team Members: Thania Gutierrez, Rachel Stafford and Vanessa Villasenorcame

Matt Hartless, creative director for Creative Priority, a San Diego based design firm specializing in brand and marketing urban brands, ironically took my team-based class 7 years ago. Now after opening a successful independent design firm Matt returned to share his knowledge and experience and possibly help to get some of the projects funded.

Here is a clip from the student presentation – watch the video.

Check out the campaign on Behance

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