Educational Non – Profit

Educaid Box a Non Profit Start-up to Raise Funding for School Supplies

The concept is a non-profit that sells educational supply boxes to help under privileged students K-12 by providing a way for people to purchase and donate much needed schools supplies.

Students are tasked with coming up with an idea for a product to manufacture, distribute and market online.
This project requires design thinking skills, teamwork, and project management skills as well as the ability to write a business model that is viable in today’s marketplace.

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identity standards

Brand Identity Standards


Personas of Target Audience


Packaging Prototype

educaid-box image

Internal Package

brainstorm process

Brainstorming Process


Shopping Cart Page

product page

Product details page


Billing Info. Page

“A non-profit organization made up of three creative thinkers trying to make a difference.”

Executive Summary:
Lack of school funding in low income families equal a negative impact on a child’s opportunity to learn. Forty percent of low-income district schools don’t get a fair share of state and local funds. EDUCAID Box wants to help the future generations get the education they need and deserve.” Below is a video of their presentation at the end of the quarter.”

Team Members: Thania Gutierrez, Rachel Stafford and Vanessa Villasenorcame

Matt Hartless, creative director for Creative Priority, a San Diego based design firm specializing in brand and marketing urban brands, ironically took my team-based class 7 years ago. Now after opening a successful independent design firm Matt returned to share his knowledge and experience and possibly help to get some of the projects funded.

Here is a clip from the student presentation – watch the video.

Check out the campaign on Behance

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