Retail Design – Restaurant Concepts

Class Design Team 2 – Design Thinking, Business Practices, Studio Management,
Branding, Environmental Design, Collateral Design, Proposal and Client Billing.

Funiki Sushi Bar and Restaurant

Design Objective: Create a restaurant concept that will appeal to a target demographic. Demonstrate the brand benefit and differentiating factors that make it unique and marketable.

Inspiration, Research and Mood boards

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Scenario: Two chefs have a concept for opening a contemporary, non-traditional sushi restaurant and bar lounge. They need an execution of their restaurant concept to present to investor. This team of designers Aaron Fields-Cypress and Xamantha Malaca have been hired to complete the work for the client.


Concept: Contemporary Asian art  and traditional sushi cuisine will attract a sophisticated 30-something crowd with disposable income for dates and socializing. Upstairs a contemporary Asian disco for the after-ten crowd.

funiki exterior

Collateral Materials include: packaging, table tents, signage, menu and promotional tees.

Estimated costs

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