What Jazz Soloists Know About Creative Collaboration

I found this article by Scott Mc Dowell and had to repost it because it makes some great points about the power of creative collaboration – no matter the medium or discipline . Here is a excerpt from the article:

“In jazz, creative input is egalitarian and meritocratic. If you can “blow” you can play regardless of background, personal style, or anything else. Miles Davis famously wrote in his autobiography, “I don’t care if a dude is purple with green breath as long as he can swing.” Do you add spice to your creative team?  Do you contribute to the process of the whole?” – Scott McDowell

Read the entire article at Behance

Picture 1

Read the entire article and listen to the cool mini mix by the following artists:

1. Miles Davis – “Seven Steps to Heaven”
2. Charlie Parker – “Koko”
3. Oscar Peterson – “Cottontail”
4. Lennie Tristano – “Line Up”
5. Ornette Coleman – “Lonely Woman”


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