The Sum is Greater…when we bridge the gap.

The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier which was published in early 2000, talks about how when creative professionals and business strategists can have a "meeting of the minds" or bridge the gap, on a given project, brand magic can occur. This is the phenomenon called synergy and has been the mission of Synergy Creative since 1998. I think these visuals from The Brand Gap sum up why synergy is so important to a brands success.

Picture 7

Witness the magic when 1 + 1 = 11

Picture 9

Strategy by its very nature is linear. First we do this, then we do this and then we do that.

Picture 8

Creativity by its very nature is non-linear.
We could do this or we could try this or maybe we should do the other thing???

Picture 11

This is a problem beacuse…

   Picture 10
and brands are all about trust.

Well said, Mr. Neumeier!

One thought on “The Sum is Greater…when we bridge the gap.

  1. Vibhash says:

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