So You Think You Want To Be An Illustrator?

Picture 8 If so, here is the scoop from a very successful Illustrator Yuko Shimizu who rocks the Magazine, Newspaper, Album Covers, Book Jackets and of course Comic Book Illustration world. In this video she covers her education, work, and how she got started in illustration. She tells interesting stories about various projects she’s worked on. She is very humble and makes a good case for starting a career later in life. (She didn’t start when she was  20). Her first job was in marketing and she said when noticed that the people around her that had been in the field for many years didn’t look happy. She also makes a case for the idea that you shouldn’t be worried if your work isn’t brilliant first time out. The video is a little over an hour but very much worth your time. She  is optimistic about the future of magazines and other “tangible” forms of journalism.

BONUS she is a fellow alumni of School of Visual Arts and she is very entertaining to listen to – kinda like the Saturday Night Live Asian lady in a very charming and endearing way!

Scroll down a bit for the video and if you want to see more here is a link to her work on her blog.

2 thoughts on “So You Think You Want To Be An Illustrator?

  1. FarruKo says:

    Yeah, I like the first one. I think the delicate ioterinr squiggles and the chunky, bold delineating lines contrast each other really well, compounded by the their value contrasts, making them really pop out. Something about their shapes, their twisted and angular depiction, even the setting, remind me of carved Tiki gods, like in that Brady Bunch episode. Yeah, the squiggles remind me of the texture of lava rock. The lower image ends up seeming a little too puffy and marshmallowy in comparison.

  2. Sukhnand says:

    Beautimus! Have you noticed that some of your most briraze drawings have some sorta constant, dancing rhythm to them. Its almost like there is a music track to all of your drawings, and we just see the sweet poses of your mind’s inhabitants its a weird thought, I know.

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