Win $3,000 Design a Symbol of Hope

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This is a great cause and a great organization – I really hope that a lot of graphic designers and fashion designers will participate. You have a chance to win $3,000.00 as the first prize but more importantly than that you will be supporting a great cause, helping the textile industry in Bangladesh. (It's ironic that I posted a Beatles video "Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds" on facebook today before I found out about this opportunity — you may know that the Beatles were big supporters of Bangladesh) They wrote a song called "Bangladesh" to raise awareness about living conditions there. And there is a documentary about their efforts called "Concert for Bangladesh".


Design 21 is an awesome non-profit organization – if you are a finalist your work will be displayed on their site as well. Just click below for details.

Call For Entries

Create a symbol of "Hope" for a local textile industry in Bangladesh

(A) Design a brand new check pattern

(B) Design a product with a check fabric

1st prize $3,000 in each category

Entries close March 31, 2011

Click for details on Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Textile design
Click for details on Weaving Love, Creating "Hope": Product design

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