Charging Clients – how to estimate, invoice and track your time

A while ago I got a request from one of my students for some information on how to bill a client. They wanted to know how much to charge for a job, so I posted this article:

How much to charge a client for a graphic design job

Occasionally I get a request about time sheets and invoices. I am attaching a timesheet, but I think it is easier to set one up in excel – tried to upload one but didn't have any luck. I always recommend that students start tracking their time on projects so they can become aware of exactly how much time a job will take. Then when someone asks for a quote they aren't dumbfounded – I know from my early personal experience how that feels – :0.

I am also attaching an estimate that is pretty detailed but can be customized or parred down to fit the need and a typical contract that I use; as well as a much simpler invoice that I got from one of my freelancers – the name has been changed of course.

I hope this is helpful for those who need this information.

Time sheet

Download Timesheet


Download Estimate

Lindsey's contract form

Download Contract1

Download Contract2


Download Invoice

One thought on “Charging Clients – how to estimate, invoice and track your time

  1. sonali says:

    love this! so glad to hear your first week of motherhood has been a happy one. paerkr is just insanely beautiful, and i love this photo of her perfect little newborn bum and feet!the nice thing about the very early days (like months 1-4) is that even though they do speed by in one sense, they are very slow in another. since baby isn’t mobile yet and sleeps frequently, you’ll have SO many peaceful hours to just drink her in, snap a million perfect photos, and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. it’s such an amazing time, and i’m thrilled to see you’re already loving it! can’t wait to hear more about this darling little girl, and of course see more pictures. you guys are awesome! all my best to you three.cheers!

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