Charging Clients – how to estimate, invoice and track your time

A while ago I got a request from one of my students for some information on how to bill a client. They wanted to know how much to charge for a job, so I posted this article:

How much to charge a client for a graphic design job

Occasionally I get a request about time sheets and invoices. I am attaching a timesheet, but I think it is easier to set one up in excel – tried to upload one but didn't have any luck. I always recommend that students start tracking their time on projects so they can become aware of exactly how much time a job will take. Then when someone asks for a quote they aren't dumbfounded – I know from my early personal experience how that feels – :0.

I am also attaching an estimate that is pretty detailed but can be customized or parred down to fit the need and a typical contract that I use; as well as a much simpler invoice that I got from one of my freelancers – the name has been changed of course.

I hope this is helpful for those who need this information.

Time sheet

Download Timesheet


Download Estimate

Lindsey's contract form

Download Contract1

Download Contract2


Download Invoice