Setting Your Standards as a Freelancer: A Few Suggestions

I came across this article and I thin k it is worth reading, I hope you enjoy it.

"Having standards is important when you’re trying to find and work with
clients on your own.

Picture 3

It's surprisingly tempting not to stick to your
standards: a quick project that you wouldn’t normally take can look
pretty appealing if you’re having a slow month. But sticking to your
guns can be important in more ways than one. If you take that
problematic job, not only are you doing something that you don’t want to
do, but you’re also likely to hand in work that you know isn’t as good
as you could do. Even worse, that sub-standard job can take up the time
you need to find higher paying clients, sticking you in a position where
you can’t afford to move forward."

Here is the link to the original article:

Setting Your Standards as a Freelancer: A Few Suggestions.

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