I started to watch this video yesterday on House Industries’ blog while prepping for my typography class, I had to rush off so I wouldn’t be late — when I mentioned it in my class, my students told me it was all over Facebook.

Well, even if you aren’t trying to be the next SMM guru, using Facebook, Reddit and the like (my personal Fav is Pinterest, right now) there is a great lesson on success strategies in this video.

If you haven’t seen it yet- a little boy lives his passion, becomes an innovative genius, who builds a sophisticated business model at the age of 8, delights in every detail and effortlessly applies conviction in his brand offering, even when nobody shows up. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you so if you haven’t seen it, watch it now.



Great job, again House Industries and Andy Cruz- kudos on the video, the kind deed, the successful viral campaign and nice plug for Cooper Black.

Which type of social media do you find most effective in marketing your buisness and how does it help you connect with your audience?