Serious Play and Retro Futurism

The video clip below is part of the TED conference series held at The Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

This clip honors Bruce McCall who recently had a show called Serious Play. A retrospective of his irreverent illustrative work for the New Yorker Magazine and National Lampoon Magazine, where he says “he cut his teeth”. McCall paints with gouache on paper in a style that he calls “Retrofuturism”. He describes it as looking back to see how yesterday viewed tomorrow – they were so dismally wrong, he states”. You won’t want to miss (airplane) wing dining al fresco or “tank polo” or my personal fav where he depicts a 1940’s car driving up to a high rise NY apartment – on the outside of the building. The video ends with an intriguing animation which depicts the accent of man from stone age to cell phone age, done in his signature retro style.