Dove’s Brand Building Evoloution Commericial Nails It!

This commercial is a bit of brilliant branding for Dove. While all it competitors are lying to us by showing 16 years old models and promising that their product will make our 40 something plus skin look like that in thirty days – finally a brand tells the truth and does it by building our self-esteem. Watch the Dove campaign video called “Evolution” — maybe some of the other beauty brands will soon evolve.

Does the Lovells Pure Larger Campaign Launch Have Wings

Here is another campaign that I would like my students to consider in terms of fresh identity campaign ideas and the effective use of brand touchpoints. Please compare this campaign in terms of effective communication, memorability and how well you think it connects with the target audience to the same criteria for the twitter campaign video (posted below).


"Lovells Lager was created by two successful, Australian music industry professionals, with a passion for great tasting beer….hey wanted to take the creative inspiration, craftsmanship and independence, that was the driving force of their music, and channel it into the production of their new beer. Lovells Lager was created on this very premise….Early in the process, we established the idea of disruption, as a way of acknowledging the language and expectations of established beer brands, yet putting a new twist on it. The dragon became an icon to symbolise this concept.

Reposted from Level 11 blog please view the entire campaign there.